Rev. H. Gaylon Barker, PhD & Rev. Carla J. Meier

We warmly welcome our Interim Pastors,
Reverend Barker and his wife Reverend Meier.

Reverend H. Gaylon Barker, PhD

A native of the Midwest, Rev. H. Gaylon Barker, PhD, most recently served as co-interim pastor with his wife, Rev. Carla J. Meier, at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Brooklyn, NY.  Prior to that, he was a resident of Connecticut, where he was co-pastor of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, Ridgefield, CT.  An ordained minister of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, he holds degrees from North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND; Luther Theological Seminary, St. Paul, MN; and Drew University, Madison, NJ.  Previously, Dr.  Barker was the director of the Center for Public Theology, New York, and served as assistant to the bishop, Metropolitan New York Synod, ELCA.  He has also served parishes in Stamford, CT, Flushing, NY, Wisconsin and North Dakota.  In addition to his parish responsibilities, he is adjunct associate professor of theology and religious studies at Molloy College, Rockville Centre, NY.  He is the former president (and current treasurer) of the International Bonhoeffer Society–English Language Section, member of the editorial board of the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works, and editor of Theological Education at Finkenwalde, 1935-37, volume 14 of Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works, the 17 volume new critical edition of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s works.   He has contributed to and/or edited a number of publications for congregational life and on Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s theology. His most recent work on Bonhoeffer, The Cross of Reality: Luther’s theologia crucis and Bonhoeffer’s Christology, was published by Fortress Press in 2015. Dr. Barker is married to the Rev. Carla J. Meier and lives in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.  He is also the father of two sons, one of whom lives in Brooklyn and the other in Portland, OR, and grandfather of two grandsons, ages 12 and 9.

Reverend Carla J. Meier

Pastor Meier was born in Davenport, Iowa, and moved to New York City in 1987.  An ordained minister of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, she holds degrees from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa and Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque Iowa.  Previously Rev. Meier was a Mission Developer for the Metropolitan New York Synod and served as member of the Bishop’s staff for Area Mission Strategies.  Prior calls include Campus Ministry and parish ministry in Wisconsin, Valley Stream, Scarsdale, and Ridgefield, Ct.  Rev. Meier is married to Rev. Gaylon Barker and most recently they served as interim pastors in Brooklyn, NY.   Rev. Meier has authored a number of resources for children’s chapel time and co-authored “Re-rooting in our Communities:  The Area Mission Strategy Process.”   Pastor Meier and Pastor Barker live in Sunset Park with their son and daughter-in-law and two grandsons, ages 9 and 12.  They also have a son who lives in Portland, OR.