Council Directory

The council is made up of members who are elected by the congregation for a two year term.  Regular council meetings are held once a month, ten times a year.  There may also be occasions where a special meeting is called to deal with a specific issue.  The purpose of the council is to oversee the business side of the church and deal with any issues the church might face.  Each council member is a liaison between one or more church committees.  The council members report to the council what the committees are working on or any events the committees are planning.

Complete list of members with their responsibilities and committees they report on to council:



President: Lori Vanderwaren

Vice President: Danielle Branciforti

Treasurer: Ira Bergman

Secretary: Christine Vogel


Christian Education: Marion Schurade

Congregational Life: Jeanne Lippolis

Finance: Ira Bergman

Long Range Planning: Danielle Branciforti

Mutual Ministry: Amy Wee

Property: Bob Altman

Social Ministry: Christa Tuccillo

Synod: Amy Wee

Worship & Music: Kevin Rollando

Youth: Lori Vanderwaren