Congregational Life 

Congregational Life is a committee that is responsible for planning and organizing social events for the congregation to enhance our spiritual lives.  Our purpose is to include all ages in activities whether they are an extension of a church service or a separate event.  Many of our events celebrate the church holidays such as our Pentecost breakfast (which also is a celebration for our first communicants).  Some events are fund raisers for groups within our church such as Christian Education and others are for worldwide events such as the breakfast fundraiser we had to aid the Haitians after the terrible earthquake.   We have also had family game night, ethnic dinners and picnics.  This year we hosted a new event, Chocolate Lover’s Delight, in celebration of Valentine’s Day.  Everyone brought a heavenly desert made of or with chocolate and we played games and had many laughs.  We work closely with many of the other committees to help one another have events that will bring us all together to share God’s love and generosity.