July Eagle 2020

Maundy Thursday, 4.9.2020

            There are a lot of metaphors in scripture. Jesus will say the “kingdom of God is like” and then we’ll hear about how the kingdom of God is like a woman who has lost a gold coin. Or Jesus will compare himself to a mother hen – and how he’s like a hen trying to protect his chicks (us!) Or there will be parables, like the wise and foolish virgins, and we try to make out Jesus’ meaning. Jesus has so many head scratchers. There are so many metaphors and parables maybe we may feel like we can get away with calling tonight’s actions a metaphor. Continue reading “Maundy Thursday, 4.9.2020”

July Eagle 2020

Palm Sunday, 4.5.2020

            It’s funny how two different people can experience the same thing, but have a different perspective. There was a marketing campaign for a bank not too long ago, and they would show the same picture side by side, but with a different caption underneath each, capturing that there are different perspectives. It could be a photo of two hands touching, and one caption might be ‘friendship.’ The same photo – a different caption – would be ‘regret.’ You would look at them and say, yes, I see how you could interpret these same pictures with these different perspectives. The shadows maybe make it look like regret, and some sorrow. Continue reading “Palm Sunday, 4.5.2020”

July Eagle 2020

Fifth Sunday in Lent, 3.29.20

We live in a dramatic time. Certainly, we never anticipated such drama for ourselves. We are fortunate to have two dramatic readings from scripture to match today’s drama.

In today’s reading from Ezekial, we get this incredible image of a vast valley that’s filled with the dried bones of a huge army. As far as the eye can see – there are BONES. DEATH. DEFEAT. And the prophet wants us to know they are VERY DRY. Make no mistake about it. These bones cannot get up and move on their own. They need the animating BREATH of the Creator. Continue reading “Fifth Sunday in Lent, 3.29.20”

July Eagle 2020

First Sunday in Lent, 3.1.2020

Last week, God declares Jesus his BELOVED SON. We may wonder, what kind of perks does the Son of God get? What kind of desires get fulfilled when you’re Son of God?

When we start a new job, we wonder what else comes with it? A really good health plan?

A car? Travel expenses?

We know out in the desert, Jesus doesn’t get a supermarket sweep to fill up a grocery cart. We know he hasn’t asked for beachfront property or a full bank account. He hasn’t even asked for the POWER of a king. So, we wonder, WHAT are the perks if you are the Son of God? Continue reading “First Sunday in Lent, 3.1.2020”

July Eagle 2020

Transfiguration Sunday, 2.23.2020

Transfiguration and transformation. Today Jesus is transfigured. His experience begs the question – is his transformation just for him – or can we be transformed?

The reading today from second Peter has the apostle insisting that he is an eyewitness to this event. He was there. He saw with own two eyes. He heard with his ears. We trust eyewitnesses; they are the people who were at the scene and heard with their own ears and SEEN with their own eyes. We TRUST them as being truthful. Continue reading “Transfiguration Sunday, 2.23.2020”

July Eagle 2020

Sixth Sunday in Epiphany, 2.16.2020

In today’s gospel, we are being asked to use our imagination. FIRST, there are a lot of DIRE things that Jesus says. If you do THIS, then THAT will happen. If you are angry, insult a brother or sister, if you look with lust then what you need to do is tear out that eye or hand. Or if you swear falsely, you will be liable to judgment, or the council, and its better if you lose a body part than go to hell. Continue reading “Sixth Sunday in Epiphany, 2.16.2020”