July Eagle 2020

Fourth Sunday in Pentecost, 6.28.20

When is a cup of cold water, not just a cup of cold water? When is a cup of cold water a welcome and a help? Today, Jesus directs his words to the apostles who will someday be on the road, sharing the gospel. Jesus anticipates the different kinds of welcome they will receive when the apostles will tell people about Jesus, who have never heard about him. Jesus, the good shepherd, is letting them know what they should expect. Sometimes, he’s telling them, you’ll have good days, and he will be with them in unexpected ways.

            He’s letting them know they will have bad days when he says, “Whoever welcomes a prophet in the name of a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward.” Continue reading “Fourth Sunday in Pentecost, 6.28.20”

July Eagle 2020

Third Sunday in Pentecost, 6.21.20

Good morning! Happy Father’s Day to all biological fathers, adoptive, foster, step and anyone who has ever stepped into the fathering role. Have a happy day!

Today’s gospel is challenging. Today, Jesus doesn’t give us an easy message. Instead, he lays out the gospel that’s divisive, like a sword. The GOOD NEWS is not universally embraced. It’s so disturbing families may be at each other’s throats. The gospel may provoke DEATH, because freedom is so threatening to a lot of people. Continue reading “Third Sunday in Pentecost, 6.21.20”

July Eagle 2020

Second Sunday in Pentecost, 6.14.20

What is a Christian? We think we know what is a Christian, don’t we? Don’t we think a Christian is someone who at the core is charitable? Our role model might be the Good Samaritan, who reaches out in compassion to someone who is a stranger. He reaches out to the stranger, digs into his pocket for a gold coin, leaves the battered man with the innkeeper, and returns to his life. His job is done. Kind of like Superman!

Would it be correct to say we think of Christians are to be the essence of charity? That we are here on earth to learn to be more generous with our money? Continue reading “Second Sunday in Pentecost, 6.14.20”

July Eagle 2020

Seventh Sunday of Easter, 5.24.20

How do you understand glory? We have a phrase, “covered in glory” and it describes someone’s achievements. We look at a hero of a basketball court like Michael Jordan and LeBron James, and we know their achievements in scoring and spectacular plays. They make plays on the basketball court that seem impossible. When they score, they are covered in glory and their teams share and reflect in that glory. Continue reading “Seventh Sunday of Easter, 5.24.20”

July Eagle 2020

Sixth Sunday of Easter, 5.17.20

“If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” Last week, Jesus was emphasizing and inviting us to ABIDE with him, to share an intimate relationship with him. In last week’s discourse, Jesus offers the apostles an intimate relationship with him, because they are going to need a shelter from a storm that is coming that will be of hurricane proportions. All violence, cruelty and evil will be unleashed on Jesus, and he will fight it all with LOVE, from the cross. Abiding in him means the apostles can shelter in place, shelter in HIM, when it gets really bad. Continue reading “Sixth Sunday of Easter, 5.17.20”

July Eagle 2020

Fifth Sunday of Easter, 5.10.20

In today’s gospel, someone has just left the room. Judas. I realize that there’s no mention of him in today’s gospel, but it’s important to include the preceding chapter, ch 13, the one in which Jesus washes the apostles’ feet. We need to know what prompts today’s words from Jesus.

He KNOWS his disciples are shaken, and there will be MORE tragedy to come. Judas has left, and the apostles are shaken. It’s as if the room they are in is filling with a poisonous gas.  The sense of evil is palpable. Jesus has just said to Judas, “Do quickly what you are going to do.” Then verse 30 ominously states, “And it was night.” To let us know the forces of darkness and evil are closing in. Continue reading “Fifth Sunday of Easter, 5.10.20”

July Eagle 2020

Second Sunday of Easter, 4.19.2020

            If ever there was a gospel that is right for these times, it is today’s gospel. Fear. People locked behind closed doors afraid to come out. And the usual problem – someone has to go out and get food, or visit an elderly relative to make sure they are alright. Then run back behind locked doors again. Fear, anger and upset-ness.

We can easily identify with the apostles; like them, we don’t know what is going to happen next. They are avoiding an enemy they can see – the religious authorities. We are trying to avoid an invisible enemy, one we cannot see. Like the apostles, we know life is going to be very different when we do finally emerge from our rooms. And we wonder when that will be? Continue reading “Second Sunday of Easter, 4.19.2020”

July Eagle 2020

Easter Sunday, 4.12.2020

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We are celebrating Easter in a different fashion today, but keep in mind, the first Easter was a shocker, too.

“Do not be afraid,” had to be said twice that day, once by the angel and then emphatically by Jesus.

At the first Easter, the world was disrupted like ours: an earthquake, lightning, “The guards shook and became like dead men.” On the first Easter there was fear. So, my Easter message to you uses Jesus’ same words: do not be afraid. Continue reading “Easter Sunday, 4.12.2020”